Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Photo Day

Do you have any idea how hard it is for a photographer to get a family photo?  This could definitely make the funniest/craziest times list in my life.

I just simply want a family photo for Christmas cards this year.  I convince my family to at least shower and get ready on a Saturday.  I tell them to wear black.  Jenni comes down in a red sweater and Jessi shows up in the white shirt.  I say "Jessi that is the opposite of black." her reply "I have a black undershirt on."  Ok choose my battles. 

We drive a quarter mile down to the hay meadow.  Get the spot, the rocking chair set up, and my camera with tripod ready to go.  Of course I'm using the lens that has the barrel slide to change from auto focus to manual focus.  It takes me about five minutes to figure why it won't focus.   All the while my loving family is mercilessly making fun of me. 

Finally get things set, push the button and run (and I mean run) to get in the photo before the automatic timer takes the picture.  Well we tried that a couple of times (with poor results)  and then my father-in-law drives by.  Tim calls him and convinces him to turn around.  That all he has to do is push a button.  Thank you Albert.  Without you the whole shoot would have been a waste!

So after all the preparations, all I got (before it was too dark) was the one shot.  I had great plans of a family OU/OSU shot but that will have to wait for another time.

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